Our services

Available language combinations:

  • French Dutch
  • Dutch French
  • English French/Dutch
  • French/Dutch English
  • Italian French/Dutch
  • Spanish French/Dutch
  • German French/Dutch

Our areas of expertise:

  • agribusiness
  • commercial & economic sector
  • cultural, literary & artistic sector
  • justice
  • medical, paramedical & pharmaceutical sector
  • trade fairs & congresses
  • technical sector
  • tourism
  • web contents

Our Assets:

meticulous and rigorous work, respectful of the original document and the style of the target language
good knowledge of the company and the sector of our regular customers
translation and proofreading by certified translators
consistency between the different translations carried out for the same customer

faithful reproduction of the layout of the original document
translation from all source documents
firm commitment to deadlines

Our prices:

  • our rates vary between 10 and 14 eurocent/word (target language) depending on the technicality of the documents
  • 5% reduction on large volumes
  • minimum rate of 30 € for documents of less than 300 words
  • free-of-charge quotation

Translations sent by e-mail or by post at the customer's request.